Learning About Stroke Through Hip Hop

As Hip Hop continues to grow in popularity to other areas outside of its main culture one has to wonder what can the potential educational uses come from it. Many people are aware of the explosion of fame surrounding the Broadway show Hamilton. The musical tells over the story of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington’s general, through the use of Hip Hop. The musical is so popular that tickets sell for as high as $800!! So what does this have to do with First Aid and CPR? Well it does actually sort of. Its that kids could learn about stroke symptoms and what to do through Hip Hop.

In my opinion, a stroke is one of the easier medical conditions to quickly diagnose assuming we are talking about an unconscious victim. There are three easy ways to tell if someone is suffering from a stroke.

1. If their speech is slurred

2. If part of their face seems droopy

3. If they are talking but not making any sense with their words

4. If they fail the arm test. Take the victims arms and hold them straight out in front of them. Ask them to keep their arms up and straight out in front of them. If one arm drops to the side then its a clear sign that they are suffering a stroke.

But even as obvious and easy as it is, people especially children may not know how to identify a stroke. These great videos will quickly and easily educate children and possibly adults in how to effectively recognize a stroke.

Just to sum up the video, the key word to remember is FAST which stands for:

F-Face: Side of the Face will be droop down a bit
A-Arm: one Arm will drop down
S-Speech: Speech will be slurred
T-Time: Call 911 as fast as you can.

The only issue with the videos is that they dont explain what causes a stroke and why part of the body is in a state of paralysis. I’ll save the details for a future post.

In the meantime, you could learn all about Stroke by taking one of our CPR courses which cover in detail both Heart Attack, Choking, and Stroke among other topics.

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